Ceres Tiger
The Ceres protocol is committed to becoming a stablecoin infrastructure of crypto industry, and it will also integrate with the Metaverse to provide stablecoin and financial services. As we all know, the Metaverse runs on crypto and NFT technology. In order to better empower the metaverse, Ceres invited outstanding crypto artists to design a series of exclusive NFTs, Ceres Tiger. Ceres Tiger will be built as the membership asset of the Ceres protocol in the Metaverse, and aims to become an IP brand of financial services in the Metaverse.
The value of the Ceres Tiger NFT
· Airdrop Eligibility: When the Ceres mainnet goes live, 5% of the CRS (50 million) will be airdropped to Ceres Tiger NFT holders, which equates to 16666 CRS each;
· Genesis Liquidity Mining: Holding CRS from the very beginning means that you can become the earliest participant in the Ceres liquidity mining mechanism and obtain considerable benefits;
· Staking Pool Priority: After Ceres adds new collateral and establishes a Staking Pool, Ceres Tiger holders have the priority to participate in early staking;
· NFT asset selection rights: Ceres will introduce more NFT assets as the value support of stablecoins. The selection of NFT assets is determined by Ceres Tiger holders;
In the future, Ceres Tiger will also build rights and brands in the metaverse according to the following plans.
• Integrate with metaverse infrastructure like Decentraland, Sandbox, and build a stablecoin bank in it, Ceres Tiger will be a membership of the Ceres stablecoin bank in metaverse.
• Combining with games in the metaverse, incorporating in-game NFT assets into the Ceres stablecoin system. Ceres Tiger holders decide the selection of in-game assets and get value capture within them.
• Create a series of new NFT assets based on Ceres Tiger and become a series of brand IP for financial services. Ceres Tiger will receive these new NFT airdrops.
Ceres Tiger will grow together with Ceres protocol. It’s just a beginning.
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